Certified Safe-T-Stop Testing Centres
are all equipped with the patented
Safe-T-Stop Brake, Steering and Suspension Test Lane.



These Testing Centres have a clear cut edge over other technologies used to perform vital safety checks of the brakes, steering and suspension in your vehicle.





The test report reveals not only how your vehicle is performing under every day driving conditions but also what would happen in an emergency braking situation.



The Safe-T-Stop Test Lane allows technicians to quickly and accurately test the performance of your brakes, steering and suspension under real world on-the-road conditions without taking your precious vehicle out on the road.

The testing procedures are safe, reliable and accurate, enabling owners of all makes and models to maintain their vehicles at the highest levels of safety and efficiency.  The tests do not require any special preparation of your vehicle and take only a few minutes, which presents to the owner a convenience and safety unmatched by any other testing method.


Most dealers and workshops charge only a small fee (around $20) to perform a test and many don't even require a booking.

This test machine, approved by Roads and Traffic authorities in NSW, QLD and VIC and used across the nation, is designed and built in Australia.

It uses state-of-the-art technology from Germany with rugged strength and durability for Australian conditions and was developed using extensive experience from the Automotive, Road Transport and Racing industries.


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